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Card no 103 – Norma (Scrappy Grams) – Muncie, Indiana, USA

This came out of the blue from my blogging friend Scrappy Grams and was a very pleasant surprise. According to the information on the back Indiana is called the Hoosier State.  I had to look this up:- Hoosier is the … Continue reading

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Card no 99 – Danielle – Omaha, Nebraska, USA

This was a ‘direct swap’ although we’ve now swapped so many it’s more a case of sending to each other cards that we know the other person would like rather than directly swapping.   I like map cards and Route 66 … Continue reading

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Card no 94 – Dennis (RuskiG) – Los Angeles, California, USA

Mary Cassat was an American artist (1844-1926) .  She lived much of her adult life in France, where she first befriended Edgar Degas and later exhibited among the Impressionists. Cassatt often created images of the social and private lives of … Continue reading

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Cards no 84, 85 and 86 – Danielle – Omaha, Nebraska, USA

These cards arrived as part of a mailcrossing venture in which Danielle kindly included me.  One was an integral part of the front of the envelope. These are the other two cards – The stamps on the envelope included the … Continue reading

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Card no 82 – Danielle – Omaha, Nebraska, USA

This beautiful black and white photo of the Golden Gate bridge being built reminded me of the days when I took black and white and we used to make sure that skies like this were captured by putting a yellow … Continue reading

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Card no 80 – Kay – Atlanta, Georgia, USA (while in England)

Oh Boy.  Is this one complicated card.  It was bought in Florida by Kay from Georgia and posted in England!  Kay thinks she saw this bridge from the plane. It brought me my first English second class stamp. This card … Continue reading

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Card no 79 – Jamie (theotherjamie) – Denver, Colorado

Another state map from the wonderful Jamie (she is definietely not The Other Jamie in my book – she is The Jamie!).   This card not only has a map of Idaho but information about its State flower, etc. This takes … Continue reading

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