Card no 102 – Viktorija (leilita) – Vilnius, Lithuania

This card shows a sculpture at the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre. This sculpture of the three muses, by sculptor Stanislav Kuzma, leans out above the theatre and has become symbolic of Vilnius.

This stamp celebrates the Pilgrimage Route of Pope John Paul II.  As the 15th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s apostolic visit to Lithuania approached, ways were sought to mark the occasion and reflect on the memory of this Servant of God. The bishops of Lithuania proposed joining together the main shrines in Lithuania and that are connected with this Pope to form a Pilgrim Route of John Paul II. The Lithuanian government approved the plan for such a route on August 8, 2007. It currently includes 16 prominent pilgrimage sites. During his visit in 1993, Pope John Paul II gave valuable guidance for the life of the Catholic Church in Lithuania and for the nation as a whole.

This was my first card from Lithuania and takes my countries total to 24

This card arrived on 21st June, travelled 1,146  miles and took 9 days.

 Total so far – 284,923 miles; 24 countries (including 9 US States).


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