Card no 99 – Danielle – Omaha, Nebraska, USA

This was a ‘direct swap’ although we’ve now swapped so many it’s more a case of sending to each other cards that we know the other person would like rather than directly swapping.   I like map cards and Route 66 is so well known.  But what I didn’t know is that by the 1980s it had pretty much been replaced by other highway systems.

This stamp commemorates the fact that Congress admitted New Mexico as the 47th state in the Union on January 6, 1912.

I’m known for the fact that I don’t watch films but one film I did watch (and love) was “A Bug’s Life”.  Some writing on the back of the stamp sheet reads:  There are so many great reasons to “Mail a Smile.” Perhaps you want to share a proud grin like Dash’s family in The Indredibles as they watch him race. Maybe it’s a smile that conveys the excitement of meeting new friends line Nemo and Squirt in Finding Nemo, or the trust and caring shared by Sulley, Mike Wazowski, and Boo from Monsters, Inc. Sometimes a smile says “you’re a rip-roaring good-time friend, ” like Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye from Toy Story 2. And for friends setting off on new adventures, Flick and Dot from A Bug’s Life send a smile of encouragement.  (Disney – Pixar, United States Postal Service)

This card arrived on 16th June, travelled 4,121 miles and took 7 days.

 Total so far – 282,485 miles; 23 countries (including 9 US States).


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  1. Norma Ruttan says:

    I feel privileged to have experienced Route 66 in the mid-1950s with my grandmother driving my cousin and me west on 66. Did you know that there is a song entitled “Route 66”? It was sung by Nat King Cole. You can find the lyrics here:

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