Card no 96 – Nuria (Alhanaart) – Elche, Spain

This was a direct swap with ‘Alhana’ whose interesting postcrossing blog – My Window to the Wider World – I’ve been following for a while.

The palm grove at Elche is one of the biggest oases in the world and is a Unesco world Heritage Site. To quite thr Unesco website – “The Palmeral of Elche, a landscape of groves of date palms, was formally laid out, with elaborate irrigation systems, at the time the Muslim city of Elche was erected, towards the end of the tenth century A.C., when much of the Iberian peninsula was Arab. The Palmeral is an oasis, a system for agrarian production in arid areas. It is also a unique example of Arab agricultural practices on the European continent. Cultivation of date palms in Elche is known at least since the Iberian times, dating around the fifth century B.C.”

It includes some public parks like the one shown in the picture, the Municipal Park.  The music pavilion is used on Sundays when they hold concerts.

I don’t know any Spanish but the meaning of this stamp is obvious – Pay attention to your driving – lose the call not your life.

This card arrived on 14th June, travelled 1049 miles and took 2 days – that has to be the fastest card from abroad – and faster than internal second class.

Total so far – 277,386 miles; 23 countries (including 9 US States).

Countries from which I have received cards as at 1st June 2012 are shown in green on this map



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One Response to Card no 96 – Nuria (Alhanaart) – Elche, Spain

  1. Norma Ruttan says:

    I just keep following you…beware! LOL That is, I also am following Alhana now. 🙂
    Such a beautiful place.

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