Card no 82 – Danielle – Omaha, Nebraska, USA

This beautiful black and white photo of the Golden Gate bridge being built reminded me of the days when I took black and white and we used to make sure that skies like this were captured by putting a yellow filter over the lens.

The official insect of the state of Maryland, the black and orange Baltimore checkerspot butterfly graces the second butterfly stamp for use on large greeting card envelopes. Envelopes for many large cards requiring the additional postage will feature a silhouette of a butterfly to suggest the use of this stamp.   The stamp art was created on a computer, using images of preserved butterflies as a starting point. The result is a highly stylized, simplified image of a Baltimore checkerspot rather than an exact replica.   Like the Baltimore oriole, this colourful butterfly is named after George Calvert, Lord Baltimore, who helped found the colony of Maryland. The butterfly’s colours resemble those on Calvert’s coat of arms, with orange and white spots forming a checkered pattern on black wings. The butterfly has an unusual life cycle. It spends the winter hibernating as a caterpillar, rolled up in a fallen leaf which it uses as a sleeping bag.   (Information from Beyond the perf)

This card arrived on 7th June, travelled 4121 miles and took 8 days.

Total so far – 259,756 miles; 22 countries (including 8 US States).

Countries from which I have received cards as at 1st June 2012 are shown in green on this – map



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2 Responses to Card no 82 – Danielle – Omaha, Nebraska, USA

  1. Norma Ruttan says:

    Indiana does not yet have a state insect, but Purdue University has suggested the firefly. Warm memories of my childhood was brought to me thinking of the firefly. I don’t see them like we did even 10 years ago when we lived in the country.

  2. I assumed all states had things like state fklowers and insects and birds. You live and learn!

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