Card no 81 – Valya (Melona) – Perm, Russia (PC41)

Perm, in The Urals, is one of the largest cities in Russia. The card shows Meshkov’s House – one of the museums in Perm.

Meshkov’s house, situated in the historic centre of Perm, is the monument of architecture of the XIXth century. The house received its name after the surname of one of its proprietors, steamboat owner and patron of arts and sciences Nicolai Vasilyevich Meshkov. The building was constructed in the style of late Russian classicism in 1820, after the project of the architect Ivan Ivanovich Sviyazev. In 1889 the house was rebuilt under the influence of the modernistic style. At different times the building housed the Medical School of Perm State University, a restaurant, the Ural Hotel and Perm River Steamship Company. Since the end of 2007 the House of Meshkov has been housing the Perm Museum of Regional Studies.

This card had the Russian 2008 bear stamp as well as a fox from the same series as that shown on Sasha’s card.

This card arrived on 7th June, travelled 2,264 miles and took 19 days.

Total so far – 255,635 miles; 22 countries (including 8 US States).

Countries from which I have received cards as at 1st June 2012 are shown in green on this – map




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  1. Norma Ruttan says:

    Your two earlier postcards didn’t show up in the e-mails I get from this blog. hmm…

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