Card no 76 – Roland (Roland1) – Utrecht, The Netherlands

This card shows various views of the small town of Den Dolder near Utrecht, noted for its mental institutions, villas and sauce factory.

A Red Cross stamp from 1987 with an added value, which that year was dedicated to several aspects of Peace Work –  Telephone Circles (conversations between groups of the elderly who are housebound), the Blood Transfusion Service and Welfare Work (home visits by volunteers).

A 1986 stamp to commemorate the centennial of the birth, in Amsterdam,  of Dr W Drees, a former Prime Minister of The Netherlands. Involved in politics from an early age, in 1940  he was arrested by the Germans and imprisoned for one year in Buchenwald concentration camp.  Later, as Minister of Social Affairs, he was noted for the provisional Old Age Pensions Act dating from 1947.   He was PM from 1948 to 1958 in four different cabinets.  He died in 1988.

A 1992 stamp commemorating Queen Beatrix and her twelve and a half year reign.

This card arrived on 1st June, travelled  345 miles and took 11 days.

Total so far – 247,926 miles; 22 countries (including 8 US States).



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