Card no 63 – Brian (fisherman) – Dublin, Ireland (PC34)

Another letterbox.  Hooray!  Irish letterboxes are green and Brian informed me that some of the older ones still have a crown on from the days prior to the establishment of the Irish Free State, or Éire, in 1921.  On Easter Monday, April 18, 1949, the anniversary of the Easter Rebellion, the Irish Free State (Éire) declared itself the Republic of Ireland, completely independent of the British crown and no longer a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Brian is a Postcrossing Ambassador being the Irish community moderator on the forum.

This stamp is a new issue, only having been issued on 3rd May.  It shows Dublin’s Ha’penny Bridge and was designed by Steve Simpson

This card arrived on 19th May, travelled 138 miles and took 5 days.

Total so far – 214,019 miles; 18 countries (including 8 US States).



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One Response to Card no 63 – Brian (fisherman) – Dublin, Ireland (PC34)

  1. Norma Ruttan says:

    I love that it is green!

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