Card no 60 – Danielle – Omaha, Nebraska, USA

The top of the card is called ‘Round-up time’ and the bottom tells us that ‘Small herds of Buffalo may still be seen.’   I love specialist cards about letterboxes, maps and things but I am equally fond of seeing things that depict the area in which the sender lives.

Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodsky (1940 – 1996) was a Russian poet and essayist.  In 1964, 23-year-old Brodsky was arrested and charged with the crime of “social parasitism”. He was expelled from the Soviet Union in 1972 and settled in America with the help of W. H. Auden and other supporters. He taught thereafter at universities including those at Yale, Cambridge and Michigan. Brodsky was awarded the 1987 Nobel Prize in Literature “for an all-embracing authorship, imbued with clarity of thought and poetic intensity”.  He was appointed American Poet Laureate in 1991.

William Henry Johnson (March 18, 1901–1970) was an African American painter born in Florence, South Carolina, and is becoming more widely recognized as one of the greatest American artists of the 20th Century.  Both the above are Forever Stamps.  Forever Stamps were created by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in 2007. They are non-denominational First Class postage, which means that they can be used to mail First Class letters no matter what the postal rate. For example, in 2008 it cost $0.42 to mail a normal-sized letter weighing one ounce or less to an address within the United States. In 2009, the rate increased to $0.44. Customers who purchased Forever Stamps in 2008 at the rate of $0.42 each may still use those stamps to mail their First Class letters today without adding an additional $0.02 stamp to the envelope.  A similar system has applied in the UK with First Class stamps for a number of years.  There were also Second Class stamps but they were discontinued. .

This card arrived on 15th May, travelled 4121  miles and took 4 days.

Total so far – 209,011 miles; 18 countries (including 8 US States).

To borrow a line from Danielle’s postcrossing blog. If you happen across this blog and are interested in swapping a postcard or two, I am always happy to  swap.  Just leave me a comment or send an email at scriptorsenex at gmail dot com.


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