Card no 55 – Irina (Irina-blondy) – Tula (Tyna), Russia (PC29)

Thirteen year old Irina sent this card from the town of Tula, 120 miles south of Moscow and told me things about her home town of half a million people. The town was founded in 1146 – a year before Moscow.  Just as in Moscow there is a Kremlin in the heart of the city; it is 500 years old. The card shows The Kremlin and Lenin Square.

The stamp is one of the Russian Kremlin series. There are twelve different Kremlins in this series of self-adhesive stamps. The Tula Kremlin is on the 100p stamp – this 25p one is at Ryazan.

This card arrived on 9th May, travelled 1,641 miles and took 15 days.

Total so far – 198,696 miles; 18 countries (including 8 US States).


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