Card no 48 – Roland, The Netherlands (PC23)

Books are one of the subjects I have asked for on my postcrossing profile and I doubt I’ll get a more unusual one than this card from Roland of Utrecht.

This book was used during the Second World War to conceal objects and is to be found in a museum in Leeuwarden in The Netherlands.

(Roland commented – A while ago I found a store where one can buy old stamps, which are still valid. The stamp of Multatuli dates back to 1987. The value is less than I need now, so I used three stamps instead of one. Postcrossers will have more to look at now 🙂  )

Knowing I like art and wildlife the stamps were specially selected for me – Van Gogh, a Northern Harrier and an 18th century poet and writer, Eduard Douwes Dekker (1820 – 1887), better known by his pen name Multatuli .  That’s what I call excellent postcrossing when someone takes that much care, Thanks Roland!

This card arrived on 28th April, travelled 345 miles and took 5 days.

Total so far – 183,296 miles; 17 countries (including 6 US States).

Total Mileage – Postcrossing cards only – 50,298 miles


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