Card no 43 – Arja, Finland (PC21)

Arja from Seinajoki sent me this card of the Zoological Museum at Helsinki University.  The Zoology Unit, a part of the Finnish Museum of Natural History, is a scientific research unit specializing in animal species diversity. Museums are one of the things I have on my list of postcards to collect.

This card arrived on 26th April, travelled 1143 miles and took 4 days.

Total so far – 154,837 miles; 17 countries (including 6 US States).

Total Mileage – Postcrossing cards only – 46,480 miles



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One Response to Card no 43 – Arja, Finland (PC21)

  1. Sartenada says:

    Your post card is beautiful. I was delighted about Your words that You love museums. In Finland we have many small museums which cannot be found anywhere in the world than in Finland.

    If You are curious, then take look at my blog to find for example Coffee cup museum, Mechanical music museum, Teddy Bear, Handy craft and some more. Just click Categories and roll down until You see list of museum I have presented.

    I wish to You good luck when collecting post cards.

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