Card No 32 – Majaja (Evgeniya), Russia (Postcrossing PC16)

This is a miniature from a 16th Century Russian manuscript about the Fall of Troy.  Argonaut Yazon kills a dragon guarding the golden fleece.

I like these stamps, especially the WWF Panda.  The Giant Panda is the symbol of the The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) or World Wide Fund as it is officially known in the UK.

This card travelled 1618 miles and took 14 days.

Total so far – 115,733 miles; 15 countries (including 5 US States).

Total Mileage – Postcrossing cards only – 39,919 miles



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2 Responses to Card No 32 – Majaja (Evgeniya), Russia (Postcrossing PC16)

  1. scrappygrams says:

    that’s the icing on the cake for me, the stamps! I had never taken an interest in them, but I do now. And I’m choosing the stamps more particularly for the cards I send.
    BTW, would you mind terribly if I do my own blog on my postcards? Be honest, please.

  2. Gosh no, Scrappy Grams, I’d love to see your postcards!

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