Card no 28 – GB, New Zealand

Another card from my beloved Brother!

“A Wave in Time”.   This bronze sculpture was crafted by Mark Whyte of Lyttleton and commissioned in 2009 by the Napier City Council.  The statue is modelled on Miss Shiela Williams daughter of E A Williams one of the notable architects of the era.  Miss Williams led the New Napier Week Carnival in January 1933 to celebrate the town’s recovery from the earthquake of 1931.

A clearer copy of the Christmas stamp – unobscured by a postmark.

This card arrived on 23rd March, travelled 11,492 miles and took just 3 days.

Total so far – 104,774 miles; 15 countries (including 4 US States).


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One Response to Card no 28 – GB, New Zealand

  1. GB says:

    I’m now up to date. This one was quick. My favourite so far is no. 2 – the girl posting a letter from Belarus.

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