Card Number 0001 – Dawn Treader, Sweden

Sorry, Eeyore but for once you’re wrong!

Thanks to Danielle at A Work in Progress  I’ve become involved in Postcrossing.    Danielle’s postcards can be seen here.

The rules of Postcrossing are simple.  One draws a name out of the computer’s metaphorical hat and checks out the details of the person to whom it belongs – everyone has a postcrossing profile – and chooses what sort of card you think they’d like to receive.  You send the card and once they have received it they register it and that sends your name to someone about to send a card.  You therefore receive a card a few days later (or maybe weeks if it’s a long way or somewhere with a poor postal service).  This card could be from Manchuria or Minnesota, a man, a woman or even (in at least one case) a cat.

I love the fun of never knowing which country you are going to be sending your next card to.  And the bills and advertising bumph that drop through one’s letterbox are considerably enlivened by receiving a card from somewhere and someone unexpected.

I had intended to restrict this blog to the cards I received thanks to postcrossing but I soon changed my mind and decided to record all the postcards I receive.  The start date is the day I sent off my first postcrossing card and the first one I received after that was on 10th February from fellow blogger Monica (a.k.a. Dawn Treader) in Västergötland, Sweden.

The painting is by Lennart Helje and is called  ‘Brändspersgården’

Lennart Helje, born in 1940 in Lima , is a Swedish artist , best known for his Christmas cards with little gnomes or brownies on them. Most often Helje’s brownie is accompanied by animals such as a fox or a moose.

These were the stamps on the card.

The unexpectedness of Postcrossing is one of its delights but its also wonderful to get cards from friends and family!

This card travelled 695 miles (as the crow flies)


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